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Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 15:18 PM

Flo Dauner Video

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Flo Dauner


Flo Dauner


Die Fantastischen Vier, The HELP, Paul van Dyk, the Voice of Germany

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Here's Flo Dauner performing an awesome Rock tune called 'Farcaster' from his band The Help at the Tama 40th Anniversary Drum Festival. I especially like the part starting at 01:47min. The song doesn't loose any of its excitement and surprising elements till the end 10min later. Great tune and worldclass drumming by one of Germany's busiest live, session, and TV drummers. Chapeau!

The Help is Flo Dauner (drums), Doug Wimbish (bass), Alex Scholpp (guitar), and Dacia Bridges (vocals).

Have fun watching!

- Norbert

Cymbals used from left to right:

          14" Byzance Heavy Hihat
          18" Byzance Medium Thin Crash
          22" Byzance Heavy Ride
          19" Byzance Medium Thin Crash
          20" Byzance Medium Crash