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Friday, May 09, 2014 - 16:30 PM

Hannes Grossmann - New Drumcam Video

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Hannes Grossmann


Hannes Grossmann



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September 08, 1982

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Just in time for the weekend here comes another great drumcam video of Meinl artist Hannes Grossmann performing the song Alien Utopia from his solo album The Radial Covenant. Great sound and flawlessly played; Hannes kicks technical metal drumming up a notch again and again. 

Have fun watching and enjoy your weekend everybody.

- Norbert

The cymbals Hannes uses in this video are (from left to right)

     22" Byzance Vintage Crash
     13" Byzance Extra Dry Hihats
     18" Byzance Vintage Crash
     Stack: 10" Byzance brilliant splash + 8" Electro Stack
     8" Mb8 Hihats
     10" Classics Custom splash
     16" Byzance Brilliant Crash
     22" Mb10 Heavy Ride
     18" Byzance Brilliant China
     14" Extra Dry Hihats
     18" Mb20 Crash
     14" Byzance Brilliant China

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