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Monday, June 17, 2013 - 16:54 PM

J.P. Bouvet Drum Solo

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JP Bouvet


JP Bouvet

Band:, Drew Ofthe Drew, Dave Mackay Group, Sirma

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Check out this great solo from J.P. Bouvet from the East Coast Common Thread Clinic tour. J.P. felt like this was his best solo yet. His Meinl Cymbal set up for this clinic tour was as follows -

Byzance 16" traditional medium hihats

Mb20 20" Heavy crash (on left)

Byzance 22" Jazz Medium Ride

Mb20 22" Heavy Crash

Stack comprised of Byzance 18" Dark China and Soundcaster Fusion 16" Medium Crash

Generation X 10"/12" Electro-Stax