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Monday, December 09, 2013 - 11:12 AM

Juan ‘Carlito’ Mendoza at the 2013 Meinl Drum Festival

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Juan Carlos Mendoza


Juan Carlos Mendoza

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I am happy to start posting a huge series of videos now which we produced at this year’s Meinl Drum Festival in Gothenberg, Sweden. Juan Carlito Mendoza is kickin’ it off here with a great song that he performed as the opening track for the festival.
One word about the sound:
We have recorded the audio of the whole festival on Pro Tools and hired an engineer to make the final mixes. That’s why it took a bit longer until we were able to start publishing the videos. Hearing and seeing the final result now, I think it was very worth the wait.
Enjoy this video, and all the others which are going to come in the next few weeks.

- norbert