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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 20:44 PM

Larry Belton Jr. Drum Cam Video

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Larry Belton Jr.

Belton Jr.

Larry Belton Jr.


Jason Derulo, LarrysLessons

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Larry Belton Jr. and bassist Leslie Johnson duet on the classic Chick Corea tune "Spain."

Larry's cymbal set up from left to right (if sitting behind the kit):

byzance 13" traditional medium hihats

byzance 18" brilliant medium thin crash

generation x 10" fx hihats

byzance 18" traditional extra thin hammered crash

byzance 10" brilliant splash

generation x 12"/14" trash hats used as a stack

byzance 20" traditional medium ride

byzance 20" traditional extra thin hammered crash

soundcaster fusion 18" trash crash stack on top of a 

soundcaster custom 18" thin crash

classics custom 18" trash crash