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Friday, October 23, 2015 - 17:00 PM

MEINL DRUM FESTIVAL 2015 – Thomas Lang Drum Solo

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Thomas Lang


Thomas Lang



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Here are some excerpts of Thomas’s drum solo that he played at our festival. With this clip we are finishing our 2015 Meinl Drum Festival video series. I really hope you enjoyed watching all the 31 drumming clips we’ve uploaded ever since the festival took place on June 27th. Now once again, have fun watching Thomas Lang’s solo and stay tuned for more great clips we are going to publish here. There will be news about our 2016 Meinl Drum Festival in Warsaw Poland coming soon too.

- norbert

The cymbals Thomas uses are:

18” Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash
17” Generaion-X China Crash
14” Byzance Vintage Pure Hihat
15” Byzance Medium Hihat
18” Byzance Dual Crash
10” Generation-X Filter China
12” Generation-X Filter China (stack bottom)
08” Generation-X Filter China (stack top)
22” Byzance Vintage Pure Ride
08” Classics Medium Bell (top + bottom)
13” Byzance Fast Hihat
22” Byzance Jazz Thin Ride (used as crash)
19” Generation-X China Crash (stack bottom)
18” Classics Custom Trash China (stack top)