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Friday, July 31, 2015 - 23:40 PM

Meinl Drum Festival - Benny Greb's Moving Parts

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Benny Greb


Benny Greb


Benny Greb's Moving Parts

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Benny Greb’s Moving Parts closed our festival. Here is their first performance video with the title ‘Soulfood’. Many more Moving Part clips will follow during the next weeks. And as always, have fun watching.
- norbert
The cymbals Benny uses here are:

08” Classics Bell High (used as Xhat bottom)
08” Byzance Dark Splash (used as Xhat top)
14” GenerationX Filter China (hihat bottom)
14” Byzance Sand hat (bottom used on top of the Filter China)
14” Byzance Sand hat (top)
14” GenerationX Filter China (used underneath the crash)
18” Byzance Sand Thin Crash (on top of the Filter China)
08” Classics Bell High (used as Xhat bottom)
08” GenerationX Electro Stack (used as Xhat top)
20” Byzance Sand Ride
18” Byzance Trash Crash (two pcs used as Xhat)
22” Byzance Sand Crash Ride