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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 16:19 PM

Miguel Lamas Video - "Stratus"

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Miguel Lamas


Miguel Lamas

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Here is a new video feat. Meinl Cymbals artist Miguel Lamas playing “Stratus“. 

The cymbals Miguel is using include:
22“ Byzance Jazz China Ride
06“ Byzance Splash
08“ Byzance Splash
14“ Pure Alloy Medium Hihats
18“ Pure Alloy Medium Crash
08“ Byzance Brilliant Splash
21“ Byzance Transition Ride
16“ Pure Alloy Medium Crash

“Stratus“ written by Billy Cobham
Carlos Leas – guitar
Adrián Bartol – bass
Miguel Lamas – drums
Audio by Caco Refojo, PKO Studio, Madrid (Spain)
Video by Jaime Massieu