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Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 15:19 PM

Mike Johnston 2013 PASIC Drum Solo

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Mike Johnston


Mike Johnston


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Here's a clip from Mike Johnston's 2013 PASIC performance. This clip showcases his solo. The footage is a combination of Mike's (one Go Pro camera) and Meinl's (I used two Go Pro cameras and two Zoom Q3HD cameras). For this clip, I sent Meinl's files to Mike and he combined them with his and produced the video you now see. I will produce more clips from his PASIC performance and put them out for you guys to check out very soon.

This clip represents a real highlight for Mike in his career. PAS is an important aspect of education in drumming and PASIC pulls the best of the best in terms of talent and educators for its annual event. For Mike, it meant a lot to have been asked to perform, as it is a testimonial to all of the hard work and dedication he has put into his career as an educator. Being an online educator is not the norm at something like PASIC, so it was also a bit of validation that Mike was probably feeling as well.

When I introduced Mike before his performance, I mentioned that there are a lot of guys who are teaching drums who would jump at the chance to leave that behind in order to go on tour and "live the dream" so to speak. Mike however left the touring world behind to pursue his dream of teaching drums. I think that alone speaks volumes to his abilities as an educator.   (-Chris)