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Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 18:39 PM

Mike Johnston The Four Stage Practice Method Stage Three

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Mike Johnston


Mike Johnston


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Stage Three of Mike Johnston's The Four Stage Practice Method; Mike's method for becoming the drummer that each of wants to be. 

Filmed in front of a live audience in a studio in Nashville, TN, Mike documented what he has found to be the most efficient path towards his daily improvement as a drummer; a path that he feels would be helpful for each and every drummer to travel on as they strive to master their craft. 

Join us tomorrow, Sunday August 28 for Stage Four, the final installment in this series.

Mike's Meinl Cymbals set up from left to right, if sitting behind the kit, is as follows:

- 15" Byzance Extra Dry Dual hihats

- 19" Byzance Extra Dry Thin crash

- 21" Byzance Transition Ride

- 20" Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered crash 

- 18" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin crash stacked on a - 

- 20" Byzance Vintage Crash