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Friday, April 17, 2015 - 17:35 PM

Mike Mitchell Studio Drum Solo

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Mike Mitchell


Mike Mitchell


Stanley Clarke Band/Stanley Clarke Trio

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Here's another clip from our recent session with Mike Mitchell in the studio. This was simply Mike warming up for the day. There's some musical ideas getting thrown around and fleshed out, quite a few tasty bits of shredding of course, and basically Mike just being the fun drummer to watch and listen to that he is.

Mike's cymbal set up from left to right, if sitting behind the kit - 

- Stack - Byzance 20" Vintage Trash Crash (bottom) / Soundcaster Custom 12" Piccolo Trash China (top)
- Hats - Soundcaster Fusion 18" Thin Crash (bottom) / Classics Custom 18" Trash Crash (top) 
- Stack - Generation X 14" Filter China w/jingles (bottom) / Byzance 18" Dark Crash (top)
- Hats - Classics Custom 17" Extreme Metal Crash (bottom) / Byzance 17" Medium Thin Crash (top)
- Byzance 19" Extra Dry Thin Crash
- Byzance 22" Big Apple Dark Ride
- Byzance 20" Vintage Crash
- Soundcaster Fusion 18" Trash Crash

Studio - Wildwood Recording - Nashville, TN

Microphones used - 

Bass drum (right foot) - AKG D 112
Bass drum (left foot) - Shure SM7
Snare drums - Shure SM57's
Hihats - Neumann KM84's
Toms - Sennheiser MD421's
Ride - AKG451
Overheads - AKG414's
Room - Sennheiser 41

All sounds that you hear are true to the instruments being used and to the room that they were recorded in.