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Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 14:17 PM

Milos Meier at the 2016 Meinl Drum Festival

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Milos Meier


Milos Meier


Drumming Syndrome, Stroy, Dymytry

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We are proud to announce another great artist for the 2016 Meinl Drum Festival: Czech's number one metal drummer, Miloš Meier.

Miloš is well known for his distinctive, hard hitting and energetic drumming style as seen and heard in numerous bands and projects such as Dymytry, Stroy and the Czech All Star Band BSP. He has also established his own workshop series, DRUMMING SYNDROME which has attracted a lot of  attention by both drummers and also non-drummers.

To check out Miloš Meier at the 2016 Meinl Drum Festival, get your ticket here