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Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 17:50 PM

More Mike Mitchell & Stanley Clarke Drum Cam Footage

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Mike Mitchell


Mike Mitchell


Stanley Clarke Band/Stanley Clarke Trio

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Here's another killer drum cam video of Mike Mitchell. We posted the first video from this concert on October 16. Mike plays with the legendary jazz bassist Stanley Clarke. This clip is from Stanley's band's October 14 show in St. Louis, MO at The Pageant Theater. The song was written by another jazz legend, the late Charles Mingus, and it's called "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat." This entire video is very much worth watching. It's a bit longer than the standard fare, but WELL worth the investment of your time.

Mike's cymbal set up from left to right (if sitting behind the kit):

Byzance 18" Traditional Thin Crash on bottom / Byzance 18" Vintage Crash on top - hihat combo

Byzance 14" Fast Hihats

Soundcaster Custom 18" Thin Crash

Byzance 8" Traditional Splash on bottom / Generation X 8" Filter China on top - stack combo

Byzance 10" Traditional Splash

Byzance 10" Traditional Splash on bottom / Generation X 10" Filter China with Jingles on top - stack combo

Byzance 22" Jazz Series Tradition Ride

Byzance 20" Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash

Byzance 20" Vintage Pure Crash

Regarding the sound you hear with this video - 

1.) It's always somewhat left to chance how the audio will turn out in many of these live and very much on-the-go videos. That being said, the only issue with the audio in this video is that the mic on the Zoom was simply too close to the far right crash (Byzance 20" Vintage Pure Crash). So when Mike goes to that crash, you can hear the mic pick it up a bit too much

2.) Provided you are listening to the video through decent ear-buds or head phones or decent speakers connected to your computer, you should be able to hear a reasonable audio recording based off of the Zoom Q3HD which was one of three cameras used to record this. The other two cameras are the Go Pro Hero 3 Silver edition model. Their audio is nowhere near as good as the Zoom Q3HD, so that is why I went with it for the sound.