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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 12:37 PM

Morten Lund at the 2013 Meinl Drum Festival - Part 2

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Morten Lund


Morten Lund


Freelance Jazz Artist, Stefano Bollani Trio

Drumming since:


With MEINL since:



September 13, 1972

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Here comes part 2 of Morten's performance at the 2013 Meinl Drum Festival. What a nice touch, finesse and maturity coming through in his playing. Really enjoying this drumming.

- Norbert


In this video Morten uses these MEINL cymbals:

      14" Byzance Vintage Sand Hat
      18" Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash
      8" Classics Traditional Medium Bell (on top)
      22" Byzance Jazz Big Apple Ride
      6" Byzance Traditional Splash (on top)
      22" Byzance Vintage Sand Crash Ride
      22" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Ride
      8" Byzance Traditional Splash (on top)
      18" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash




1 responses to "Morten Lund at the 2013 Meinl Drum Festival - Part 2"

Niklas J. Blixt posted on Aug 20, 2014 - 14:02 PM

Wow! Watching this clip was just as mesmerizing as it was watching it live! I had never heard of Mårten before the festival. I mainly took the 5 hour drive to Gothenburgh from Eskilstuna mainly to see one of my biggest inspirations Benny Greb. But well there it was mind boggling to see Mårten play! It like you start to watch the video and suddenly 7 minutes of your life has gone by. And I mean that in the best possible way! Mårten is one of the most musical drummers I've heard! I remember that Norbert said something about that when he introduced Mårten and I can only agree with him. Mårten plays music on his drums no just beats. It made the 5 hour drive back home that night very well worth it!

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