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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 11:02 AM

Morten Lund - Close to Home (Lyle Mays)

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Morten Lund


Morten Lund


Freelance Jazz Artist, Stefano Bollani Trio

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In my opinion, this is the perfect cymbal video. The drummer is our Danish artist Morten Lund and his ability to play these cymbals in the most mucial way possible is absolutely mindblowing. The sonic diversity our Byzance cymbals are capable of creating is endless, and Morten's got the talent to elicit them all the colors, timbres, and tones in such a musical way. I'm proud to be involved in the creation of our Byzance sounds since day 1. Enjoy this fantastic video and please use good quality headphones or speakers.

The song is called "Close to Home" by Lyle Mays, and the cymbals you hear are (from left to right):

     16" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash
     08" Classics Bell
     14" Byzance Vintage Sand Hihat
     20" Byzance Vintage Crash
     06" Byzance Splash
     22" Byzance Big Apple Dark Ride
     17" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash
     22" Byzance Ride w/ one rivet (prototype)
     18" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash
     10" Byzance Extra Dry Splash

- norbert

Morten Lund: "Sorry for the poor videoquality...this was a test for me to learn about videoediting. Sound was recorded in Pro Tools and mixed with Waves- and Lexicon Plugins. PLEASE LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES OR GOOD QUALITY SPEAKERS ;) This is just me playing to the original track. No click track was used. First overdubs."