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Friday, October 25, 2013 - 14:24 PM

Nameless Ghoul and Ghost B.C. Video Live

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A Nameless Ghoul

A Nameless Ghoul

A Nameless Ghoul



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Here's a clip of Nameless Ghoul and Ghost B.C. live in Knoxville, TN performing Con Clavi Con Dio.

Regarding the sound you hear with this video - provided you are listening to the video through decent ear-buds or head phones or decent speakers connected to your computer, you should be able to hear a reasonable audio recording based off of the Zoom Q3HD which was one of three cameras used to record this. The other two cameras are the Go Pro Hero 3 Silver edition model. Their audio is nowhere near as good as the Zoom Q3HD, so that is why I went with it for the sound.

As for the sound, all members of Ghost B.C. use in-ear monitors, so there are no wedges on the stage for the Zoom to have picked up some guitar, bass, vocals, keys from. Also, there are no amps/cabinets on stage either, so again, no band mix for the Zoom to have picked up. In situations such as these, where set up and tear down is not something where I am afforded the luxury of time, I have to move quickly. That is why I have so far chosen to go with the Zoom Q3HD for the audio. I am always on the lookout for making improvements, but for now, this is as good as it gets for having a VERY mobile unit to capture video and audio. I have mentioned before that I am always open to any suggestions for how to make the sound better. But for what this is and for how quickly I have to get set up and tear down, this is not that bad. Thanks for reading