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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 11:51 AM

Navene-K 'On Smash'

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Navene Koperweis


Navene Koperweis

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I found this video of Meinl artist Navene-K performing his own track On Smash. 

The video was filmed using an array of GoPro cams which seem to enable these drastic moves and cuts in the video. Great drumming by Navene-K, very enjoyable :-)

- Norbert

The cymbals Navene uses in this video are (from left to right):

     12" Generation X Safari Hihat

     Custom stack made from a 10" Classics China Splash (bottom) and a 8" Generation X Filter China (top)

     18" Generation X Kinetik Crash

     12"/14" Generation X Trash Hat

     10" Byzance Traditional Splash