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Wednesday, April 08, 2015 - 17:49 PM

New Alex Rudinger Video Play-Through

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Alex Rudinger


Alex Rudinger


Good Tiger

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Alex Rudinger recently filled in for Meinl Cymbal artist Phil Dubios-Coyne on a recent Revocation tour, as Phil was out with an injured arm. 

Alex said, "I had a blast filling in for Revocation on tour last month! Got a ton of love for all those dudes and was glad to help them out. 'Madness Opus' is my favorite song that I learned from their latest album, 'Deathless'. It's a great live song too, really brings the energy. There're a few parts that I enjoyed opening up a bit by improvising some fills in each night. Kept the song fresh & enjoyable for the entire tour. This is also the first video that I've posted where I showcase some of my new Meinl Classics Dark cymbals. These things are SICK! I was shocked at how well they recorded. In this video I used…

18" Byzance Brilliant China
18" Classics Custom Dark Crash
14" Classics Custom Dark Hi-Hats 
12" Classics China (Bottom)/10" Byzance Dark Splash (Top) Stack 
10" MB20 Rock Splash
13" Byzance Traditional Medium Hi-Hats
20" Classics Custom Dark Ride
18" Byzance Traditional Medium Crash 
8" Byzance Traditional Splash
20" Byzance Brilliant China