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Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 10:17 AM

New Hannes Grossmann Video "James' Brownie"

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Hannes Grossmann


Hannes Grossmann



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September 08, 1982

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Here is a new video of Meinl artist Hannes Grossmann. Being an Extreme Metal drummer first and foremost, it's nice to see Hannes layin' it down on this funk/fusion track called James' Brownie which is based on the song Vortex Omnivium of his band Obscura

Great sounding hihat/stack accents between 1:20min - 1:30min :-)


- Norbert

The cymbals used in this video are (from left to right):

22" Byzance Vintage Crash
13" Byzance Extra Dry Hihats
18" Byzance Vintage Crash
10" Classics Custom Splash
8" MB8 Hihats
10" Byzance Splash / 8"Electro Stack 
16" Byzance Brilliant medium thin Crash
21" Byzance dark ride
18" Byzance Brilliant China
14" Byzance Extra Dry hihats
18" MB20 Crash

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