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Friday, March 21, 2014 - 17:36 PM

New Jimmy Kadesch Drum Solo Video

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Jimmy Kadesch


Jimmy Kadesch


Hoodie Allen

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He's back! It's been awhile since the online drum world has heard from Jimmy Kadesch. He's been way too busy for a while now touring with Hoodie Allen, but now he's just released a new drum solo video on his youtube channel. Check it out!  

Here's his cymbal set up in the video:

hats - 14" m-series traditional medium hi-hat bottom/soundcaster custom medium soundwave bottom

under the hats - 8"/10" generation x electro stack

left crash - 17" byzance traditional medium thin crash

left splash - 6" soundcaster custom

ride - 20" byzance traditional medium ride

right crash - 18" byzance brilliant medium crash 

right splash - 8" soundcaster custom

far right crash - 18" byzance trash crash