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Monday, November 03, 2014 - 14:25 PM

New Video: Adam Marko

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Adam Markó


Adam Markó


Special Providence

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Here's a new video of Hungarian Meinl artist Adam Marko performing the song 'Northern Lights' from the forthcoming album of his band Special Providence. Hope you enjoy this clip.

- norbert

The cymbals Adam uses in this video are from left to right:

     20" MB 20 China 
     12/14" Generation X Trash Hat
     18" MB 20 Heavy Crash
     22" Byzance Dark Stadium Ride
     08" Byzance traditional splash
     06" Byzance traditional splash 
     18" Byzance Extra thin hand hammered crash
     13" Byzance Dark Hi Hat
     20" Byzance Extra Dry china