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Tuesday, November 04, 2014 - 17:53 PM

Phil Dubois-Coyne / Revocation Studio Drum Cam

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Here's another video sent to us from Revocation drummer and Meinl Cymbal artist Phil Dubois-Coyne. This track is called "The Blackest Reaches," and it is very cool. I love the drumming in this video, as it goes to show that metal drumming can be imaginative and musical. Phil nails it. 

His cymbal set up from left to right if sitting behind the kit is as follows:

- Byzance 17" Medium Thin Crash 
- Mb20 17" Heavy Crash 
- Mb10 14" Medium Soundwave HiHats
- Soundcaster Custom 10" Splash 
- Byzance 12" Traditional Splash 
- Classics Custom 14" Extreme Metal Hihats 
- Mb20 18" Heavy Crash 
- Mb20 20" Heavy Bell Ride
- Classics Custom 18" Extreme Metal China