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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 9:11 AM

Queenz - Brandnew Video of Meinl Artist Anika Nilles

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Anika Nilles


Anika Nilles

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This time, I've taken a different approach and decided to focus on quintuplets whilst throwing a few solid back beats on it, says drumming sensation Anika about her new video. 

Once again, Anika has written and produced the complete song by herself. Superb drumming combined with excellent compositional skills. I feel confident in saying that by now Anika has laid the foundation for a steep career in the drumming world. We'll be hearing and seeing much more from her.

Below is a list of the cymbals which Anika is using in that video. Those are the exact same ones as in 'Alter Ego', except for the ride; this time it is a Byzance Vintage Pure Ride (instead of a Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride).
Have fun watching!

- Norbert

PS: Best part starting at 03:30min imho

Cymbals from left to right:

Byzance 14" Traditional Heavy Hihat
Byzance 20" Extra Dry Thin Crash
Byzance 6" Traditional Splash (on top)
Byzance 22" Vintage Pure Ride
Byzance 18" Jazz Extra Thin Crash (BOTTOM)
Byzance 18" Vintage Trash Crash (TOP)
Byzance 20" Extra Thin Ride (used as crash)