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Monday, February 20, 2017 - 15:48 PM

Thomas Lang 'Sober'

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Thomas Lang


Thomas Lang



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Here is the first video of a series we have filmed with Meinl artist Thomas Lang. This track is called „SOBER“. 

Many more clips from this production will follow shortly. Stay tuned and enjoy watching.

Thomas‘ Meinl Cymbals set up from left to right is as follows:

18“ Byzance Dual Crash
19“ Byzance Medium Thin Crash
16“ Byzance Medium Hihats
12“ Classics Custom Trash Stack
22“ Byzance Stadium Ride
20“ Byzance Medium Crash
16“ Mb10 Fat Hat
18“ Artist Concept Model – Super Stack
22“ Byzance Jazz China Ride

Meinl Percussion
8“ Drummer Snare Timbale - played by Thomas‘ left foot
Turbo Crasher - played by Thomas‘ left foot
8,5“ Cowbell - Black Powder Coated Steel
Laptop Table Stand

“SOBER“ written by Ginny Luke and Thomas Lang
Artist: Ginny Luke
Produced by Thomas Lang
Filmed at Audio Lodge Studio Gaibach, Germany
Audio Recording by Sven Peks