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Friday, May 15, 2015 - 19:05 PM

Tom Hane In This Moment Drum Cam

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Tom Hane


Tom Hane


In this Moment

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Meinl Cymbal artist Tom Hane with In This Moment live in Nashville, TN doing "Sick Like Me." Tom's cymbal set up from left to right, if sitting behind the kit, is as follows:

- Byzance 20" Brilliant China
- Mb20 14" Heavy Soundwave Hihats
- Mb20 22" Heavy Crash
- Mb20 22" Heavy Bell Ride
- Mb20 22" Heavy Crash
- Mb20 20" Rock China

Provided you are listening to the video through decent ear-buds or head phones or decent speakers connected to your computer, and can turn the bass up a little bit, you should be able to hear a reasonable audio recording based off of the Zoom Q3HD (and the Go Pros too) which was one of three cameras used to record this. The other two cameras are the Go Pro Hero 3 Silver edition model. Their audio is nowhere near as good as the Zoom Q3HD, so that is why I went with it for the bulk of the sound. The Go Pros sound is mixed in a little to help provide some low end since there were no monitor wedges on the drum riser, and Tom was only using in-ear monitors. Also with the riser being pretty packed, I only had one reasonable place to position the Zoom Q3HD, and of course it was over near the hihats, which as Mb20 hats are inherently loud anyway. So if you hear a bit more hihat than the other cymbals, that is why.