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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 - 9:45 AM

Underoath - Part II

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Aaron Gillespie


Aaron Gillespie


The Almost

Drumming since:


With MEINL since:



July 18, 1983

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34 responses to "Underoath - Part II"

valentine posted on Jan 09, 2008 - 15:12 PM

drummer god!

Dojo posted on Jan 09, 2008 - 23:40 PM

Hell yeah

ikrnjhgoiaedrh posted on Jan 09, 2008 - 23:51 PM

i luv the fill at 2:32 they say that he will do more of that on their new record! cant wait

Mike posted on Jan 12, 2008 - 4:09 AM

I love this video, but with the new player.... I cant watch it, it had counted down about 50 times. I guess I cant watch Meinl videos anymore =(. Bring back the old player!!!

Mike posted on Jan 12, 2008 - 17:35 PM

The videos work now. Aaron is my third most favorite drummer ever

Cory posted on Jan 12, 2008 - 20:58 PM

who are your other 2??

Adam.T. posted on Jan 12, 2008 - 23:10 PM

The best part is between 2:15 and 2:18...HELLZ YEAH!!!!

tnapp posted on Jan 16, 2008 - 12:37 PM

wow he jumps on his snare 3 times and it still sounds great favorite drummer by far

Blake posted on Jan 18, 2008 - 23:24 PM

Gillespie is my hero

michael posted on Feb 18, 2008 - 23:28 PM

What song is this?

Etienne posted on Feb 22, 2008 - 20:20 PM


Nashville posted on Feb 23, 2008 - 10:38 AM

Till you get thousands of kids coming to your shows, you don't have the right to tease this man. Anyway, hes more of a man than you'll ever be, if your are a man... This song is "your Ever So Inviting" Track four on Define the great line.

Tim posted on Feb 24, 2008 - 2:20 AM

so intense!! you're the best

Aaron Gillespies brother posted on Feb 28, 2008 - 23:17 PM

Aaron Gillespie the cutest boy alive <3<3

Brett posted on Mar 12, 2008 - 20:58 PM

the song is called "you're ever so inviting"

taylor posted on Mar 13, 2008 - 4:08 AM


Ben Jamin posted on Mar 13, 2008 - 21:06 PM

Man Ive never seen anybody hit those drums like he does, He's a monster, like who stands on their snare!!!? So awesome! It's so inspiring to see him play, because It truly is ALL OUT!! pure passion.

wow posted on Mar 18, 2008 - 0:40 AM

why is everyone so amazed when he does his double pedal? not sayin anything bad about aaron. Hes my favorite drummer, but why are all you so amazed by the sound of the double pedal?.. hahah

noah posted on Mar 29, 2008 - 0:30 AM

i thinks hes actually using remo reversed dot snare. because I have it and it sounds just like that, and when the light shines on it, you can see a big gray dot in the middle.

noah posted on Mar 29, 2008 - 0:32 AM

oh yeah, and when i tune my snare, I stand on it and hop on it to break it in. At first I was worried I would break it, but then I got a 200 lb. person to stand on and nothing happened. I would recommend it to any of you. but, dont do it on the stand. do it on the ground.

dan posted on Mar 29, 2008 - 15:33 PM

this men is my inspire for by a drumer, good bless him exelent video good bye

dan posted on Mar 29, 2008 - 15:36 PM

i hope by a pro drum sence him and a think this cant by posible, exelent sound meyn cymbals ms line.

Ashley posted on Mar 30, 2008 - 0:01 AM

haha, i like the part when he gets on his drums. hes amazing. =]

Aimee posted on Apr 10, 2008 - 22:09 PM

whoa. he is without a doubt, one of the best drummers ever.

musicmahn posted on Apr 17, 2008 - 22:44 PM

yeah double pedal isnt that hard haha
but his style is priceless! hahaha

Trey posted on Apr 25, 2008 - 17:44 PM

Aaron is an amazing drummer. I wish I had his ability on the drums.

buddy11 posted on May 09, 2008 - 9:25 AM

my favorite part is from 0:18-0:21

danny posted on May 13, 2008 - 9:17 AM

what makes him an even more amazing musician is that he is also the singer for the band. anything that isn't a scream is him, and he maintains awesome drumming. AWESOME

stan posted on Jan 09, 2009 - 21:04 PM

your ever so inviteing

Ryan posted on Feb 14, 2010 - 4:30 AM

One Of The Best Drummers Ever

This Song Is Called - You're Ever So Inviting

Philip posted on Mar 25, 2010 - 22:58 PM

One thing i dont get is why this has 10000 views when Dirk Verbeuren has like 10.

Dirk's the man!

Dylan Habegger posted on Apr 06, 2010 - 19:13 PM

yo, i think its just causer he doesnt overuse it. in fact, he rarely uses it. that that's what draws people to it actually. well thats what i think.

gonzalo!!!! posted on May 13, 2010 - 2:42 AM

i love u sooosooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!sos lo mejorÂȘ!!! te amo!! te amo tre amo!!!!estoy re enamorado de vos!!!!"

Dave posted on Jul 10, 2010 - 23:50 PM

your'e ever so inviting

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