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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 9:23 AM

Walle Wahlgren plays Be mine by Robyn - New Video

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Walle Wahlgren


Walle Wahlgren


Agents of mercy, Retro family, Weaveworld, Cam

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Here's a new video for you from our Swedish artist Walle Wahlgren playing his version of Robyn's "Be mine".

Walle has been a Meinl artist since 2010 and so far we haven't posted any of his videos yet. I hope he'll keep making them as I really like his drumming a lot in that clip. My favourite drumpart starts at 2:11min when he starts to play some nice rolls and fills all over his kit along with some great cymbal work :-) Still the whole video is great I think.

The cymbals Walle is using in that clip are (from left to right):

  • Byzance 14" Traditional Thin Hihat
  • Byzance 17" Brillian Thin Crash
  • Byzance 22" Dark Ride
  • Generation X 12"/14" Benny Greb Signature Trash Hat
  • Byzance 20" Extra Dry Thin Crash

Check out and listen to his set up on our SoundCheck WebApp, or go to his artist profile for more info about Walle.

- norbert