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NEW FOR 2022

All new Cymbals

Meinl Drum Gear

Drummers are always looking to expand and enhance their sound. One easy way to do that is by using the drummer accessories Meinl offers. Whether you are looking for a simple way to change your tone or want to build layers of complex sound into your kit, Meinl has many options to explore below.

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NEW FOR 2022

All Meinl Cymbals and Drum Gear additions for 2022 at a glance

Polyphonic Crashes1

Thin edges for fast response and a raw bell for quick decay

Introducing Polyphonic Crashes in our Byzance Traditional line

Adding an 18", 19", and 20" Polyphonic Crash to our Byzance Traditional series contributes to the success of Polyphonic cymbals. These expressively dark sounding crashes with thin edges project quickly. The thicker, unlathed bell offers another sonic voice with penetrating attack and volume.

Great for Rock, Pop, Fusion, Funk, and other styles where an explosive blast and a quick decay are crucial.

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18" Byzance Dual Trash China2

Unique mix of raw, brilliant, and traditional finish in one cymbal.

Introducing the new 18" Byzance Dual Trash China

Our Byzance Dual Chinas are already popular for their explosiveness and trashy tonality. By adding holes throughout this new china, the response is much faster and offers mure cut.

The sustain is also shorter, giving you a cymbal that reacts quickly, then gets out of the way so that the other cymbals on your kit can be heard.

Great for Gospel, Pop, Funk, R&B, and in the studio.

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Matt Garstka Temporal Stacks3

The Temporal Stack I is made up from an 8" Byzance Splash over a 10" Byzance Splash, and is the lower pitched of the two stacks. The higher pitched Temporal Stack II consists of a 10" Byzance Trash China over a 10" Byzance Splash.

Introducing the new Matt Garstka 8" Temporal Stack I & 10" Temporal Stack II

Together with Meinl artist Matt Garstka, we developed two new Artist Concept Model Stacks: The Temporal I, and Temporal II Stacks.

"I mainly use the Temporal Stacks within complex groove and chop patterns. Their dry, trashy, staccato sound allows them to get in and out of tight spaces quickly. The stacks can absolutely be used as timekeepers, but the fun lies in orchestrating these into rhythmic patterns which will for sure open up a lot of creativity."
- Matt Garstka

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Luke Holland Baby Stack4

Introducing the new Luke Holland 10"/12" Baby Stack

Baby Stack is the name of our new Luke Holland Artist Concept Model, which is made from a 10" Byzance Trash Splash over a 12" Classics Custom Trash Splash. This stack has huge potential and is very versatile in many musical situations.

"My goal with the Baby Stack was to create a combo that I could use in any setting from metal to electronic to hip-hop. The beauty is its ability to cut through tremendously or sit back and be casually articulate. It's incredibly dynamic, and that’s why I will always use it in every show, recording, or video I do."
- Luke Holland

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Benny Greb 6" Crasher Hats5

Introducing the 6" Benny Greb Crasher Hats

In addition to the 8" version, this extremely popular Artist Concept Model is now available in 6" too. Its sound is very sensitive, trashy, mellow, and is an excellent addition to any setup. The character is that of a fine, high-pitched hihat, with a little more spread than you would normally get from a shaker.

"I wanted something that was super short, dry, clear and high frequency but still very dynamic that could fulfill a whispering shaker-like role in the music. Tough to get! So we had to create something completely unique. Four separate cymbals sandwiched together. They have different shoulders so they collapse against each other at every hit. The result is incredible. A very unique sound that blends beautifully with ghost notes and other subdivisions, but can also make a percussive statement. They are part of my sound, I absolutely love them!"
- Benny Greb

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19" Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash6

In addition to the 18", 20", and 22" sizes, a 19" Byzance Extra Thin Hammered crash is now available and a great addition to the line.

This exceptional and extreme light weight crash features extensive hammer patterns which result in a dark, trashy sound with a wide spread and a long sustain.

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20" Benny Greb Byzance Sand Thin Crash7

New also for Benny Greb’s signature Byzance Sand Series: In addition to the 18" Byzance Vintage Sand Medium- and Thin crashes, a new size, 20" Sand Thin Crash, is now available.

It gives those warm and musical sounding crashes a new tone and nuance.

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New additions to the Pure Alloy Series8

Our Pure Alloy series has seen some additions with the introduction of a 17" medium crash, and a new pre-configured cymbal set consisting of a 14" medium hihat, 16" crash, and 20" ride.

Pure Alloy cymbals have a shimmering, smooth sound and cut through with agility. Their full range of tonality and dynamic capabilities make these perfect for styles like Rock, Pop, Fusion, R&B Reggae as well as in the studio.

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New additions to the Pure Alloy Custom Series9

Four new crashes have been added to the Pure Alloy Custom series:

  • 17" Medium Thin Crash
  • 16" Medium Crash
  • 18" Medium Crash
  • 18" Medium Heavy Crash

Available now also is a pre-packaged cymbal set consisting of a 14" medium thin hihat, 18" medium thin crash, and 20" medium thin ride.

The inclusion of these new sounds will benefit drummers looking for more sound possibilities in the Pure Alloy Custom series.

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­­­Drum Gear

Carbon Ripstop 22" Cymbal Bag10

This new Meinl cymbal bag is made from ultra-durable and strong 600D woven polyester ripstop. Its adjustable padded backpack straps with ABS ladder locks and chest buckle let you wear it comfortably on your back to keep your hands free.

It is ideal for travelling or getting to the gig or studio.

  • Main compartment fits 22" cymbals
  • Hihat compartment fits 15" cymbals
  • Four padded sewn-in cymbal dividers
  • Padded adjustable backpack straps
  • Strip of durable exterior loops to attach a carabiner or any other clip
  • Large exterior zippered pocket
  • Extra-wide EVA lining on the bottom for protection
  • Extra threads forming a cross-hatch pattern add protection against rips and tears

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Marshmallow Pads11

Our new Marshmallow Practice Pads allow you to practice quietly and build muscle at any hour. The super thick foam surface drops the decibels without losing the bouncy feel. Available in 12" (Black, Orange, Sea Foam) and 6" (Black).

  • 13/16" (20 mm) super thick marshmallow foam
  • 3/4" (19 mm) solid base
  • 3/16" (5 mm) non-slip bottom
  • 8 mm thread to mount on a stand
  • 12" pads fit any snare stand

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Practice Pad Stand12

The threaded 8 mm connector allows you to mount most pads. Foldable legs make it easy to stow.

The new practice pad stand by Meinl is lightweight, ultra-compact, easily collapsible, and convenient option for practicing. Made from durable black powder coated steel, it reaches a minimum- of 19" (48 cm) and maximum height of 37" (94 cm).

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Cymbal Bacon13

A new heavy version of our Cymbal Bacon is now available. Simply place the chain on top of your cymbal to add a sizzle sound to any ride, crash, or effect cymbal in your setup.

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Byzance Drum Key14

Drummers will like our new Byzance Drum Key in antique tin finish as a collectible. One side shows off the Byzance logo, while the other feature the Meinl logo.

Easy to tune with, the wing design is wide enough to make quick adjustments.

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Super Flex Hihat Tambourine15

This new Super Flex Hihat Tambourine makes it easy to incorporate a tambourine effect into your grooves. There are ten pairs of stainless steel jingles, and the extra wide 5 1/2 Inch shape provides excellent foot response.

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Multi-Clamp for Stands16

Our new two-sided multi clamp attaches easily to any stand with a diameter of 13 mm to 34 mm, accommodating most hardware parts.

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