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Friday, July 12, 2013 - 14:41 PM

Mike Fasano Digs His Ride

I haven’t owned a ride cymbal in a while. I sold my last one because it was too big and could only sound good in one genre, heavy rock. I’ve been using an 18” crash as a ride for almost 2 years now. It also serves its purpose as a crash so I knew I needed to upgrade to a real ride when I had the chance.

A week ago I was fortunate enough to pick up a Byzance 20" Dark Ride from Meinl. Oh my god. This thing is amazing! First of all, it looks like a work of art. With its untreated finish and dark metal coloring, it looks like I stole it from a museum. I almost feel bad hitting it. The hand hammering and attention to detail is beyond anything I have seen. Although the looks are stunning, the sound is what gets me.

Amazing definition and bell, short sustain, and dark, earthy tones. Some rides with good definition sound too pingy, with way too many overtones. I am not a fan of that. This ride has so much definition while still keeping its dark and natural roots. 

I also decided on this ride because of its versatility between styles. There is no limit on who can play this ride. It’s at home in a jazz gig, as well as a metal gig. Some great drummers I look up to also play this ride. Anup Sastry of the metal band Intervals – Clyde Stubblefield, funk drummer for James Brown – Matt Crowning, my old drum teacher and drummer for the country artist Amber Leigh. The list goes on. This ride crosses into every genre of music. If you are looking for a new ride, check it out!

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Mike Fasano

Mike Fasano

Mike Fasano

MEINL Cymbals guest writer