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Friday, July 11, 2008 - 16:56 PM

Vans Warped Tour Part 2 - Daniel And The Two Nates

...again...the sign that says it all...
Daniel Williams with The Devil Wears Prada
Nate Novarro with Cobra Starship
Nate Young with Anberlin
Nate Young and crowd
Anberlin set list
Stage manager taking a personal beauty break...
Cobra Starship pre-show huddle
Cool guitar and Kool smokes
Mike Lasaponara - Nate Novarro's drumtech
Nate Young
Nate Novarro and proud papa
The Rat Sound Logo
Rick's shirt
TDWP crowd
TDWP pre-show huddle
TDWP workbox


So here I am again, with another good night's worth of rest and more coffee in me than should be legally allowed. Yesterday I reminded those who know and hipped all those in the dark about the rock and roll animal, Jorma Vik with The Bronx. Today I am here to tell you about Daniel and the two Nates.

After watching Jorma puke, Rick and I headed over to another stage and got ready for Daniel Williams and his band, The Devil Wears Prada. These guys had a HUGE crowd ready and waiting for them, and for good reason; they put on a throwdown of a show. It's a funny thing about Daniel. He is probably the most soft spoken cat I have met in a long time, I mean polite to a fault. But when he's behind the skins, he is one of the most aggressive people I have ever seen. TDWP have come on strong in a big way the last couple of years. They are getting good tours and are really making a lot of fans. Daniel really helps give them the extra push they need when it comes to making their live show the insane affair that it is. So Rick sandwiched himself back between the cabinets and the back of the stage and got a lot of great pics of Daniel. I, on the other hand, had to watch from the crowd since the stage was too small to accomodate me. No problem. Great show from a great band.

Because some of our artists were overlapping, we had to leave TDWP's set a few minutes early and boogie back to the stage where Jorma had played so we could catch Nate Novarro with Cobra Starship. Another extremely nice, kind and cool human being. Also, a very tight, solid and tasteful drummer. Nate is from Atlanta, so he was very stoked to play for his hometown crowd. Plus, his father was there as well. I got to say hey to his dad and tell him what a fine young man he had raised. Seriously. Nate and Cobra Starship do their thing and to quote JP Gaster from Clutch, "It's like someone turned the air conditioner on." I mean, these guys were a cool breeze of fun infectious pop in the middle of a day of a lot of suburban teen angst. Their thing is a cool mix of rap, disco, rock, pop and FUN! So we got to check out most of their set and get good pics before we had to go set up for the next Nate...

Nate Young with Anberlin was up next and man was there ever a crowd for those guys. Anberlin is only getting bigger and bigger. Their fans are really devoted. Also, I need to say that I really like working with Nate and Anberlin's management - Kyle and Jimi. All good people. So Nate - tall as a tree and skinny as a beanpole. He oozes style and cool when he plays. The first time I saw him play, he actually licked his stick after twirling it!!! Who does that??? Well, Nate does. And he makes it look cool. I suppose you could do all the stick licking you wanted to (insert joke here), but if you can't play well, then what does it matter. Nate can play. No doubt about it. He is always getting better too. Rick and I caught his whole set and then hung with him for a little bit after. Nate is a total sweetheart and a great player. Good fun.

So after this, Rick and I set off to eat crappy hamburgers. Or at least I did...We had a couple of hours to kill until we had to get all of our artists together for a group shot and then catch the remainder of the artists playing that day. All the while it was a muggy 92 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Nice.

More to come.

 - Chris

Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA