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Friday, April 24, 2015 - 19:24 PM

Meinl Cymbals Welcomes Adam Tuminaro

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Adam Tuminaro


Adam Tuminaro


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Meinl Cymbals is pleased to welcome Adam Tuminaro, the Orlando Drummer, to its family of cymbal artists. As an online drum educator, his website and its downloadable drum lessons have resonated with drummers around the globe, giving Adam's following a rapid growth. His easy going demeanor and clear approach to each of his lessons provide a great pathway to learning. His database of downloadable content includes over 200 lessons and counting. The topics range from fill patterns, to tips and tricks, to style analysis of popular drummers. In addition, Adam offers advanced material in his lesson packs, masterclasses, and boot camps.

Adam is also a satellite instructor for Drumeo, a website that specializes in online drum instruction. You can catch Adam's live streaming lessons every other week at, or see dozens of his past lessons in the Drumeo archives.

Check out the video Adam made explaining why he made his cymbal brand of choice Meinl Cymbals.

Adam's cymbal set up and artist page - click here.

Welcome Adam!