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Friday, August 29, 2014 - 16:20 PM

Ryan Jenkinson of Reverend & The Makers

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Ryan Jenkinson


Ryan Jenkinson


Reverend & the Makers

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Recently our friends over at Rhythm magazine filmed our UK Meinl artist Ryan Jenkinson of Reverend & The Makers giving an extensive tour of his set-up. The cymbal part starts 8:00min. There're also some cool live shots of the band.

You'll notice the hihat, left crash, and china have a different logo. This is an older version which we used to use about 10 years ago. That's for how long Ryan has played these cymbals. They're holding up and are still in great shape sounding better than ever before. 

Ryan has been a Meinl artist now since 10 years and I sincerely thank him for his support over all the years. 

- Norbert