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Vlade Guigni


Here’s “Elevation,” the final video in our most recent series with Meinl Cymbals artist Vlade Guigni.
You can find demos for the cymbals in Vlade’s setup here: https://bit.ly/3hTbZfa 


Composition: Vlade Guigni and Matt Thomson Production and Executive Production: Vlade Guigni
Vocals: Ildrys Diaz
Tenor and Alto Sax: Rafael Suncar
Piano: Matt Thomson
Upright Bass: Soso Gelovani
Electric Guitar: Elvin Rodriguez 

cymbal setup

Check out the cymbals you see Vlad play in this video:

  • 8” Byzance Traditional Splash
  • 14” Byzance Jazz Tradition Hihats
  • 20” Byzance Found Reserve Light Ride 
  • 16” Classics Custom Dark Trash Stack
  • 22” Byzance Foundry Reserve Ride
  • 22” Byzance Monophonic Ride (w/ Cymbal Bacon)
  • 20” Byzance Jazz Tradition Light Ride
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