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Cymbal and Drum Mutes

Meinl recently added both Cymbal Mutes and Drum Mutes to help you practice your drumming. So, why exactly would you need these mutes to help you practice? Let’s say you need to practice drums late at night, but you have roommates or neighbors that do not want to hear your loud instrument.

The Cymbal and Drum Mutes would reduce the volume and convert your drumkit into a practice kit so that perhaps you could practice late at night.

How does it work?

The Cymbal Mutes lay on the cymbals and attach over the threaded post of the cymbal stand while the Drum Mutes are cut to perfectly fit onto each drumhead. The material type of the mutes plus the weight does several things to reduce the volume. First, the spongy material absorbs the stick so the attack is very soft and minimized. Next, the vibration of the cymbal or drumhead is reduced to almost zero, making very minimal sound. Finally, there is no sustain.


Both Cymbal Mutes and Drum Mutes are sold in sets and individual pieces. Find out more information about each by clicking the links below.

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