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Drummers are always looking to expand and enhance their sound. One easy way to do that is by using the drummer accessories Meinl offers. Whether you are looking for a simple way to change your tone or want to build layers of complex sound into your kit, Meinl has many options to explore below.

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Matt Garstka

"Red Miso"

Animals As Leaders - "Red Miso"

Transcriptions available at:

cymbal setup

See demos for the cymbals in Matt's setup:

  • 10" Byzance Vintage Splash
  • 14" Byzance Equilibrium Hihats
  • 18" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Crash
  • 8"/10” Artist Concept Model Temporal Stack 1
  • 18" Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash
  • 22" R&D Ride
  • Artist Concept Model Fat Stack
  • 20" Byzance Vintage Equilibrium China
  • 10"/10" Artist Concept Model Temporal Stack 2
  • 18" Byzance Traditional Thin Crash
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